Vatslav Mishustin

Lead Generation Manager
Vatslav M.
About Me

Hey everyone! I’m Vatslav. I am almost 20 years old.
My location is Vinnytsia. My best experiences were social service and practice from my university as a journalist assistant. I always try to pick up myself, just breathe and think clear when bad things happen. Situation: my boss told me “Go and get me this”. I went, I was refused, and I was very upset about this, but I told myself “Now do it, you have to go and I go again and I got it”. My favorite type of work. First, to analyze. This is from childhood, I always try to understand the situation from different sides. Second, to write something. I am writing my book now. I like it and I love it. Third, to communicate with people. This is from paragraph one.
My hobbies are music, photo, video, filming, writing, edition – I am a creative person. I had a few pages at the VKontakte. They were about my art, art and creations. I had TikTok, Twitter but I deleted it. I have a WordPress page, YouTube channel, Instagram account. I tried it, being a blogger but I have many ideas and I work on them.
What about a computer. Unfortunately, I have not it now, this device. It’s broken.
But I can work with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. Now I am working on my phone and I got some habits from Lightroom, Snapseed, Sparkpost,Inshot, Ucut, etc. I am both of them. If people need me, I will work with a team. But if they don’t – I won’t. But now with our reality, I prefer to work alone. Coronavirus. You should choose me because I am always calm. Always calm.
I try to understand other people, not saying my opinion. I have some habits you need I suppose. I need this job, it’s amazing.


Remote Helpers
Lead Generation Manager
August 2020 — present
Lead generation in Linkedln, communication with customers, providing information about company.

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Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
Faculty of Journalism
September 2018 — July 2023

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