Yana S 546-c (Славецкая)

Yana Slavetska

Lead Generation Manager
Yana S.
Yana S 546-c (Славецкая)
About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Yana, I’m 22 years old, I’m originally from Ukraine and I currently live in Lviv. Unfortunately I don’t have a right experience yet but now I’m for sure ready to work, develop, improve and inquire my skills. What about the type of work. I’m a master in analytics and so I’m used to working with different type of data, namely extracting or sorting them. Besides, I studied basics of advertising on Facebook or Instagram which is interesting for me a lot. I like to concentrate on the task for a long time and I’m very attentive to the details. In my spare time I like playing sport, dancing or sometimes drawing. Also I have an online experience. Once I helped my friends in SMM. My responsibilities included calls to potential customers who were interested in their services. This experience taught me to communicate properly with people and respond quickly to unexpected situations. I prefer to perform tasks on my own. But in any case I’m a team player. Why? In my opinion any work pursues common values. Of course, unless it is a personal project. However, this doesn’t mean being in a group of people all the time. The most important thing is the exchange of knowledge, emotional assistance, support if necessary and friendly communication. Finally I would like to tell about my personal qualities. I’m not used to talk about myself but I can say that I am responsible, purposeful and ready to work for the result. So in order to establish contact with potential clients I’m ready to learn something new and develop. In addition, I want to use and improve my English and of course I like to communicate with people.


Remote Helpers
Lead generation manager
July 2020 — present
Day-to-day database management, implementation of different lead generation strategies,potential customers search using LinkedIn,creation of personalized offers and messages for clients,communication with leads.

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Lviv Polytechnic National University
International Information
September 2015 — June 2019

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