Need help with Social Media Lead Generation? Say no more.

Lead Generation is the core of sales in Social Media. Remote LeadGen Managers are ready to help your business flourish and grow every day. They will help you to define the goal, create a database, and nurture your leads. Working persistently and meticulously, virtual lg-managers will find the most effective strategies in order to convert the right leads for your business. Don’t worry. They will make follow-ups not to lose potential clients as well.

Our crew can provide you with lead generation services on various social media platforms:

Facebook Lead Generation

Our virtual managers can provide you with on-page promotion (organic promotion), off-page promotion (using side pages, groups), paid promotion (using Facebook Lead Generation Ads), working remotely.

Linkedln Lead Generation

Virtual managers can use various tools for generating leads such as LinkedIn Lead Gen forms, Aeroleads LinkedIn Email Finder, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc.

YouTube Marketing

We all know that brands used to have a YouTube channel to be in touch with their target audiences. This platform is trul unique. Our remote lead generation managers will use it for your brand promotion, and are going to create a brand account or will customize existing ones.

Instagram Lead Generation

Our enthusiastic, devoted guys use a various set of skills in order to assist you with Instagram Lead Generation Ads, creating Facebook lookalike Audiences, account optimization, managing Instagram action buttons.

Twitter Lead Generation

Twitter is another platform used by our remote staff in order to efficiently generate leads. One of the tools used by lead generation managers is Twitter Ads. Our helpers can target highly specialized segments, by setting location, language, keywords, and interests.



Remote LeadGen managers are ready to cover your public relations needs. Working remotely they will help you with mass media presence, public image creation, speech writing, virtual events planning, social campaign development, developing a crisis PR strategy. Our virtual managers are going to make your customers think that it was their choice to buy your product. 

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Google search

Data is a base of everything. Our remote staff will efficiently search and analyse any information you need. It is really important to collate existing data as well. Using different tools virtual managers are going to process data and represent it in a suitable way for you.

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Influencers run the digital world. If you want to have sales, be sure you communicate with them as well. But don’t worry, we got you. Remote LeadGen managers will analyse your niche and will find the perfect influencer for your company. We will arrange sponsored posts, brand awareness, sales, and trust boost.

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Lead Generation Manager
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Lead Generation Manager
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Lead Generation Manager
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Lead Generation Manager
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Lead Generation Manager
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